Get ready to take control of your career.


Have you considered starting your own business? Are you thinking about changing careers? Do you feel a lack of motivation and wonder why? Are you on the fence about a big decision? If you answered yes to any of these, then business coaching can help you find the answers.


Where do you go from here?

Have you reached the top of the ladder or feel like your career has plateaued? Coaching can you help you define the next step (even if it doesn’t exist yet!)


As a coach, I help you remove your emotional roadblocks such as fear, negative self-talk, or old narratives, so you can live your most authentic life.


What’s the right path for you?

Are you at an impasse and can’t make a decision?
Coaching can help you figure out which direction to go.


“I love working with Marisa and I love the energy and clarity she brings into helping me be the best version of myself.”



What does teamwork look like?

Leadership Workshops are designed to help business leaders uncover and resolve issues.