Frequently Asked Questions


Curious about how coaching can help you?


What is business coaching?

A Coach partners with you as you navigate the unknown. Together, we determine what you want while gaining clarity on who you are today. Coaches can help individuals look at their passions, values, and core beliefs to help determine what’s important for the next chapter of your life. Together, you will acknowledge and honor anything that’s being left behind while we identify obstacles and patterns that could be getting in the way of your vision. Our work together will help you to decide what direction you want to go and how to get there.

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What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

The easiest way to describe the difference between these two modalities is that a coach is more of a partner that facilitates your growth through finding your own solutions. A coach helps you make significant shifts through questions, rather than assessment and diagnosis. A therapist helps to identify possible mental health diagnoses, assesses what needs to change, provides interventions, and monitors one’s safety. Coaches do not treat clinical disorders such as anxiety, depression, addiction and phobias. Another way to look at the differences is that most of the questions a coach asks start with “What.” Therapy and counseling focus on your history and an analysis of how you got to your present state. Most questions a therapist asks start with “Why.”

If you are unsure which modality suits your needs, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

what happens at a coaching session?

The client determines the direction of the session. As the coach, I will ask questions that help the client get clarity about whatever topic they wish to discuss. If there was any “homework”, we will check in about how it went and if there were any blocks to completing the goals. If a client feels stuck, we can always do a brainstorming session (a session where we work together to come up with solutions/steps) to help move towards action.

What kind of time commitment can i expect?

This greatly depends on the client and what is wanted from coaching. Unlike therapy, coaching is often a quicker process, in that change is seen relatively quickly. I always check in with my clients to discuss how they see their progress and if more sessions are needed. My approach to coaching is a completely collaborative process.

do you offer onsite coaching for businesses?

I do offer onsite coaching if that is what the client is seeking. I offer group and individual coaching in addition to and team building/leadership training at your place of business. Again, I am here to meet the needs of my clients and location will factor into where the coaching will occur.

what do you charge?

The fee will greatly depend on what types of services the client and/or team is seeking. Prior to working together, we will discuss all fees to ensure their is a clear understanding as to what is being charged.

Do you accept health insurance?

Unfortunately, health insurance does not currently cover coaching. If finances are a challenge, I often can offer a sliding scale. Please don’t hesitate to discuss this with me.