Happy Clients


How can I help you
be your best “you”?

The Coach/Client relationship is built on trust and rapport. Feedback from my clients helps me be the best Coach I can be.

“Marisa’s direct and honest approach to coaching has helped to facilitate the realization of goals, as well as insights into deeply held beliefs that no longer serve me. She directed me to my own knowing, helping me to determine what beliefs and values are congruent with who I am now. With both a passion and compassion for helping others live with truth and purpose, I earnestly recommend her as a coach.”

— kr

“I have had an incredible journey with Marissa. She is helping me with some business and life aspirations. Every appointment with her gets better and better. I am getting more focused and making giant strides toward have the life that I want. Her guidance has helped me peel back some layers and really get to the big blocks that aren't always obvious but can be the root of my setbacks at times. If you are looking to achieve great things and need someone to help you get on track, definitely go see her. She is kind, loving, and super intuitive and intelligent.

I am so blessed to have her support me.”

— ws

“I'd never thought about using a business coach before, but was feeling overwhelmed by all of the details when I started my therapy practice! I felt confident about my work with clients, but didn't have a clue how to build my practice effectively. I had a hazy idea of what I wanted to achieve, but no idea how to get there. A friend introduced me to Marisa and I felt comfortable with her right away. She has a down-to-earth, practical way of relating that I liked a lot! She didn't just help me create mini-steps to my goals, she helped me to recognize when I had an emotional "block" that was holding me back. My practice has tripled in size since our initial meeting and I'm expanding in new directions that I'd never previously thought about. Thank you, Marisa!”

— DI

“This woman is truly exceptionally passionate about taking people's businesses to the next level. I have struggled for many years to find a coach that not only I feel comfortable with but also that I believe can change my professional habits and improve my business. I love working with Marisa and I love the energy and clarity she brings into helping me be the best version of myself.”

— jc

“Really and truly, Marisa is a gifted life coach I feel so lucky to have found. She holds space in a remarkable way that is encouraging and allows my true and empowered Self to come through. She is right there with me during my rumbley moments and celebrates with me when I find the flow in life. She helps me see the way life presents variations of the same theme and gets me to examine the deepest levels of Self to unravel deep-rooted blocks. As an acupuncturist, I have the utmost confidence in referring my patients to her.”

— kl